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Hello MaxCARE,

We are the Antalans and extend a heartfelt THANK YOU for starting our 2018 year off with a expertly restored kitchen floor and basement ceiling that was damaged due to water leakage during the latter part of 2017. While I know your company handles a large and ever growing case load of emergencies and ongoing projects/repairs. I sincerely felt that our home repair was not just another among a list of projects, it was treated as being singularly important as I know the other clients were and are. It was truly an amazing experience and honor to have met, watched, engaged, shared great conversation with, learned from, and be taken care of by your prompt, professional, and knowledgeable office staff, project managers and work crews. We needed them and their expertise to restore our home!!

As a grandparent raising my grandkids age 3.5 and 2.5 years old, it was stressful enough without having just found out that my car’s engine harness had rodent damage…then two days later my kitchen sink’s underbody hose sprung a leak and thus the kitchen floor and basement ceiling water damage that required your teams to come in and repair. When I initially contacted USAA, all I asked was they not send out the company that restored our kitchen three years prior due to a stovetop fire.

It was evident with that company that there was poor communication and discontent between management and the work crews and it trickled down to us. At one point, I had to travel to the company’s office and ask, face to face what was going on after being left in limbo for two weeks!!! On another occasion, I was turned away by the cabinet maker the company sent me too to select my cabinets. They did no notify them I was coming so the cabinet maker just assumed I was a walk-in and they were not taking any new business!! My husband eventually had to make an appearance which meant my patience, which is very forgiving and long waiting, had worn thin and that was not a pleasant experience for anyone. So when I was informed there was only one other company, one other choice-MaxCARE, I said okay. Well, thank goodness you were the only choice-WOW!!!!

In the stress and chaos of staying in hotels on three separate occasions, having to kennel the dogs, reroute preschool and head start buses, altering daycare schedules, and dealing with the anniversary of being deployed…the calmness and consistency in all this was MaxCARE. Your name says it all!!! I always knew when, where and how from start to finish. I was handed your company contact sheet with names, emails, telephone and individual extensions by the first water team on site-Who does that??!! From the beginning call when I spoke to Shelly, who recommended a company to make the initial plumbing repairs, to Jake who kept in constant communication with me about scheduling, coordinating and sending out the water damage teams of Brian and Jarvis, then David and Austin. And finally, Cecil, who came out at the beginning and end of his structural/building and clean teams’ work; Lee, Jamal, Robert, Hayden, Jacob, Jack, Ashley & team. If I left anybody out or misspelled a name, my apologies.

Communication with your organization was very strong, consistent, reliable and if necessary daily, and at times, individually surprising!! One morning I called well before 7am expecting to leave early voice messages and Cecil actually answered. At another time, I waited all day from 8:30am-2:30pm for Great Floors to come out and lay new floor tile. I sat in my house all day-no water or flushing toilets-they were a no show and no call. I sent an email to Cecil letting him know what happened, got up to leave the room, the phone rang as I crossed the threshold, I looked back over my shoulders to the caller ID on the TV screen and it was MaxCARE. I answered and it was Cecil, he had not only read the email, he was very apologetic and planned to get a new install date. If I was angry or frustrated by waiting all day, I do not even remember, I will always remember Cecil being just that attentive to his case management!!!

The second schedule date with Great Floors, they did come out BUT they had the wrong tile!! Again Cecil was on it, he had the move team come out and put the appliances back in place temporarily. He even coordinated that the tile ordered would be my first choice instead of the second choice that was incorrectly ordered. The third date for Great Floors, Cecil made it clear, if they did show up by 10:30am he would have a stand by. Need I say more-MaxCARE you make it happen!!!!!!!! At no point, did my husband have to make an appearance-LOL!!!

Observation/Recommendation: When I was contacted by Tanya to make the $500.00 co-pay, I opted to pay through your website which processed through PayPal, which was very convenient. I called 15 minutes later to call and confirm receipt. She asked that I forward a copy of my PayPal email receipt to her to confirm it was sent. I looked at my PayPal email receipt and saw that the email for your company was My only suggestion is if payments are going to the ‘info’ email and that email is a catchall and specifically not for payments. Maybe the online payment notifications should go to the email account that is accessible to those who need to confirm payment. If I had been traveling or something and had not called back. How long would it have taken for that email payment to be noticed, annotated to our account and then prompted the go ahead to schedule work? Just curious!!

Have a great year and again, a truly amazing experience!!

Contractor: Fred Roesch, MaxCare of Sumner
To Whom it may concern:
On August 20, 20161 had the misfortune to had my home catch on fire. A propane bottle exploded on my patio and set the homes siding, shingles, and rafters into flames. I was fortunate not to have the total home destroyed. The fire involved about half of the homes structure with smoke damage throughout. The fire department was called immediately. I contacted my homeowner's insurance, American Family Insurance, and within a few days they returned to me the name of MaxCare of Sumner and to contact Fred Roesch He came within the week and gave me a quote a shag time later.
I am happy to say the work has been completed as of last week, July 5, 2017. Even with permit delays, supply delays and weather conditions being what they can be, there was no compromise in the quality nor workmanship of the completed work. Al workers were considerate aid attentive to any questions and things that I noticed and wished to have addressed during the renovations. My overall experience with MaxCare was done in a considerate way. My home looks like a newly built home. I couldn't be more pleased with the final results I would not hesitate to reference them.
- Zakary White
(Emergency Water Mitigation, Construction, and Content Manipulation)
“Thank you for everything. Brittany was GREAT!!”
- Michael Burns

(Construction and Water Mitigation)
“The gentlemen that did the vinyl were fantastic! Polite, got the job done efficiently and quickly. The movers were great, thank you!”
- Debra Smith
(Water Mitigation and Construction)
“A real nice group of guys. Did a good job and I had fun interacting with them”
- Anonymous
“The tech’s were very personable and timely”
- Carol Bell
(Emergency Water Mitigation)
“Thank you for your great service”
- Anonymous